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  • The online world is changing daily and the demand for powerful web applications are increasing. Smart Phone apps and Web Applications have become a popular trend. Code Worx specializes in Mobile APP Development and Custom Web Development with many years of experience.

Why Design Mobile Apps?

The fast growth in smartphone and tablet usage has forced businesses to develop streamlined experiences that perform optimally on mobile devices. Responsive web design helps you reach iPhone, Android, tablet and desktop users who have access to the Internet and know your URL.

Mobile and native applications, on the other hand, allow you to develop rich experiences that are available upon download, with or without an Internet connection.

Code Worx is a Mobile App Development Agency in Los Angeles, California that specialize in Hybrid and Native Mobile and Web Applications.

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  • Android

    Our Android App developers will ensure your app works on all Android enabled devices with ease and speed.

  • IOS

    Our IOS App developers will ensure your app works on all IOS enabled devices with ease and speed.

  • Windows

    Our Windows App developers will ensure your app works on all Windows enabled devices with ease and speed.

  • Tablet Friendly

    We create Apps that are 99.9% Cross-Tablet compatible and will work with ease on any Tablet make or model.

  • Smart Phone Friendly

    We create Apps that are 99.9% Cross-smart phone compatible and will work with ease on any Smart Phone make or model.

  • App Analytics

    You will be able to see exactly how your application is being used. This gains valuable insight into future improvements.

Introducing: Real Time Mobile App Development Tracking

Sit in the comfort of your home, office or coffee shop and track the development process of your project. You are also able to communicate in real time with assigned developers.
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Our Mobile App Development Services

Our application development services allow you to deliver a rich experience that is available with or without an Internet connection, upon download — reaching your users on iPhone (iOS), Android, tablet and desktop.

Our team of Mobile App Developers have experience in an array of fields ranging from:

  • Market and competitive analysis
  • User research and content strategy
  • Wireframes and clickable prototyping
  • App interface design (UI & UX)
  • Technical specifications planning
  • iPhone + iPad app development
  • Usability testing
  • App store submission
  • Marketing support for app visibility
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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of mobile Apps do you build?

We design all types of Mobile Applications ranging from Loyalty Programs, E-Commerce Applications, Payment Processing Systems, Customer Relations Management, Messaging and File Sharing, Information Processing and Restaurants.

What if i want to make changes to my app?

Depending on the requirement we can allow you to make changes to the application yourself from within the App Management Dashboard. We also provide full training and support allowing you full control of your application.

Can i send notifications to my app users?

Absolutely. The app management dashboard allows you to send real time push notifications to your users. You are also able to send specific notifications to certain groups of users.

How can my app become smarter?

We specialize in Artificial Intelligence through Machine Learning which allows the mobile app to become more intelligent based on the data it gathers. Your app management dashboard allows you to see comprehensive analytics in order to make better predictions.

What about Web Hosting & Domains?

Our sister company, Dedi Host was designed for this reason. We are able to register/transfer your domain and host your project in a highly secure cloud while giving you access to all your files and emails.

I am ready to start, what is next?

Make contact with us and we will be in touch with you to setup a meeting/skype chat and then discuss your project and work out a plan and timeline.

You have a vision. we have a way to get you there.

Our approach to digital marketing is unique. See how we help companies just like yours.

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