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  • Our Digital Marketing campaigns are an excellent supplement to natural search efforts (where your site appears in the search results because of its relevance to the search terms). It is also an effective way to achieve a marketing goal (a customer fills a form or purchases a product).

Why Does Digital Marketing Matter?

You can have the greatest website, with the greatest content in the world, but if no one knows you are there, what is the point?

Our Digital Marketing services help businesses acquire targeted website traffic and gain relationships and conversions from search engine results, which directly adds to their bottom line.

PPC is a popular and effective form of Digital Marketing. PPC or Pay Per Click advertising allows you to market your business to the very people searching for your product or service.

It consists of keyword research and selection, ad writing, identifying target demographics, configuring ad groups settings, using SEO copywriting to create landing page content, perfecting call-to-action, and most importantly conversion measurement.

Code Worx is a Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, California with experience in PPC, SEO, Corporate Identity and Social Media Marketing.

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  • Search Engine Optimization

    Being found on the internet is the first step to online success. It is all about creating significant content that interests potential customers.

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

    PPC (Pay Per Click) is a popular and effective form of Internet advertising that allow you to know your exact return on investment (ROI)

  • Social Media Marketing

    Ensuring website users and mobile app users engage with your application/product quickly and effectively is our primary purpose.

  • Mobile Targeting

    We can design and optimize campaigns that will only target mobile devices, specific mobile networks and mobile brands.

  • Search & Display Campaigns

    We specialize in both Search and Display advertising and can set up any type of campaign for you.

  • E-Commerce Marketing

    Promote your E-Commerce website or focus on specific products to specific people, areas, time slots and demographics

Introducing: Real Time Digital Marketing Tracking

Sit in the comfort of your home, office or coffee shop and track the development process of your project. You are also able to communicate in real time with assigned developers.
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Our Digital Marketing Services

Consumers are hungry for information and they turn to Google and other online networks for research to make purchasing decisions. No businesses are exempt. You will have a better chance of being found and being the expert in your field with our specialized Digital Marketing services.

Our team of Digital Marketers have experience in an array of fields ranging from:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)
  • Search & Display Advertising
  • E-Commerce Campaigns
  • Landing Page Creation & Optimization
  • Analytic Tracking & Reporting
  • Continuous Conversion Optimization
  • Brand Management & Corporate Identity
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is SEO different from PPC?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a strategy that focuses on gaining more ORGANIC visibility in Search Engines for your website/Product while PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising allows you to target specific users and you pay per interaction.

How can i see improvements?

Before we start any marketing campaign we do a thorough study on your product/brand and and website to see the market penetration. We then install tracking codes to each of your website pages and you will have access to see real-time statistics of each website visitor and how they interact with your website.

Do you offer Local & International SEO?

Yes, we specialize in local, national and international SEO. We are situated in Los Angeles, California but serve clients from all over the Country and some clients across the globe. Our SEO team is dedicated to provide the best available service and will ensure your website will rank to its fullest capacity.

Do you work with other Agencies?

Absolutely. We have worked in collaboration with numerous agencies around the world to help achieve digital success for our customers.

What about Web Hosting & Domains?

Our sister company, Dedi Host was designed for this reason. We are able to register/transfer your domain and host your project in a highly secure cloud while giving you access to all your files and emails.

I am ready to start, what is next?

Make contact with us and we will be in touch with you to setup a meeting/skype chat and then discuss your project and work out a plan and timeline.

You have a vision. we have a way to get you there.

Our approach to digital marketing is unique. See how we help companies just like yours.

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